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tv   News 4 Today at 430  NBC  February 21, 2012 4:30am-5:00am EST

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did not wanted to be taken to the -- did not want to be taken to the hospital. in greece a european union diplomat says it has reached an agreement to give greece $170 billion in bailout loans to save it from a potentially disastrous default next month. the deal is expected to bring greece's debt down to 120.5% of gross domestic product by 2020, around the maximum that the international monetary fund and the eurozone considers sustainable. under the terms of the deal, officials also agreed to reduce the interest they charge greece for the long-term loans. and the news is having an effect on stock markets around the world. right now, asian stock markets mixed. european and u.s. futures are up. and we're just about 4:31. tom is here too lo look at our . looks like we're good healettin and nicer. a touch of spring but not this morning. it is a cold start under a clear sky right now. it is below freezing throughout
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much of the region. there's the washington monument under the clear sky. reagan national only 1 degree above freezing. thankfully we have a calm wind. and elsewhere, it's into the low to mid 20s throughout most of virginia, maryland, and west virginia. manassas, culpeper, only 21 degrees. 27 in gaithersburg, and in central prince george's county to charles county, southern maryland, in the mid 20s. in fairfax, arlington county, right now it's in the mid 20s. and as we take a look at what's been happening over the last 12 hours, we've had high pressure move over us, giving us a clear start to the day. there are clouds up around the pennsylvania border, western maryland, parts of west virginia. and those clouds will begin to move in later today. so here's your day planner. sunrise, 6:52. that's getting earlier and earlier. a blustery wind developing by late morning and into the afternoon, gusting to 20 miles per hour.
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we'll have increasing clouds from the west and going cloudy this afternoon, highs reaching upper 40s to around 50. a look at the evening planner in ten minutes. danella has traffic. good morning. good morning, if you're about to head out of the house right now, so far we're looking pretty good on the roads. light volume. a live look at 395, traveling northbound at glebe road, you see lanes are open. no major delays. no delays at all. making your way southbound on 395 connecting to i-95, no issues there. if you're continuing northbound crossing over the 14th street bridge, very light volume as you head into the city. no incidents to report at this time. and crossing over the memorial bridge, if this is your commute, looking great. traveling on the outer loop and inner loop, no problems at this time. back to you. >> thank you. mitt romney is leading the way with money toward decision 2012. his financial report show he's the top fundraising candidate in the republican race for president. romney's campaign said the former massachusetts governor raised $6.5 million in january. newt gingrich's presidential
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campaign raised $5.5 million last month. rick santorum and ron paul raised $4.5 million. financial reports show two super political action committees supporting the candidates spent nearly $24 million in january. a new poll shows that most republicans wish that there were a different candidate -- different candidates in the gop, but the same group does not like the idea of a brokered convention that would pick a new contender to be the nominee. 66% of those responded to a "usa today" gallup poll, said it would be better if a candidate currently running got enough delegates to clinch the nomination. 38% believe president obama will win the general election in november regardless. 32% say the outcome depends on the republican nominee. more than 2,500 evangelical leaders are calling for the obama administration to reverse its stands on a birth control mandate. the group signed a letter to the president opposing the environment.
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it makes businesses affiliated with religious institutions to cover birth control in their health insurance plans. the letter calls the mandate a violation of religious freedoms. president obama has offered a compromise to have insurers pay for the contraceptive coverage rather than religious groups. today d.c. mayor vincent gray and congresswoman eleanor holmes norton will protest a proposal that would ban most abortions in the district. the measure would bar abortions in d.c. unless the life of the pregnant mother was endangered. under the proempofol, the docto who performed the procedure would face up to two years in prison. nearly 1,200 protested the strict anti-abortion bills advancing through the general system. the protesters stood in slems as lawmakers entered the building. they're concerned about the bill that defines life at beginning at conception and another that would require women to have an ultrasound before having an abortion. maryland could approve same-sex marriage legislation by the end this week. lawmakers erupted in cheers when
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the house barely cleared its version of the bill on friday. today the senate judicial proceedings committee is expected to vote on the bill that would allow same-sex couples to marry. the full maryland senate could take a final vote later this week. opponents have vowed to make the issue a referendum issue on november's election ballot. this morning, three people are in the hospital from a road rage incident involving a newlywed couple and children. it ended with a crash between a ford suv and chrysler p.t. cruiser along crane highway south of route 32 in the crofton area. one driver in his 20s and the other driver in his 40s. a witness tells news4 it started much earlier when the people in the ford caught his eye. they stopped at a traffic light, they played a game where everyone got out, ran around the suv, and got pack in. >> they weren't holding up traffic or anything. the person in the p.t. cruiser was talking a bunch of crap and making gestures and obscene
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things. the person in the explorer got out in front of him. the guy opened his door and stabbed him. >> investigators say it didn't end there. the victim pursued the other driver in the p.t. cruiser and crashed into him. the two male drivers got out and fought each other. both suffered stab wounds were and were taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. police are sorting out what the drivers will be warninged wit e will be charged with. there were children in both vehicles and one had a dog. a fire in southeast washington broke out around 8:00 inside the apartment in the 23 0 block of good hope road. a child was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. several others were treated for smoke inhalation. no word on a cause. d.c.'s ticket amnesty program is falling short of projections, according to the "washington examiner." the district has recovered $4.95 million in unpaid traffic tickets and fees. the department originally projected to recover $6.3 million in fines. the dmv is still collecting
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money from people who are paying off their fines on a payment plan. d.c. council members say they expect to collect close to $ million. the first phase of metro's silver line to dulles is moving closer to completion. now the transit system wants your input in naming the stations along the linement metro's launching an online survey this morning that allows you to vote for your favorite names. the fairfax county board of supervisors has already offered suggestions for the eight stations, but metro seems to want some jazzier options, especially for stations like the herndon-dulles east station which metro says could be called innovation copper mine -- copper mine? or flores. you can see all the proposed names our web site, just search "silver line." today is mardi gras, also known as fat tuesday. the good times are rolling in new orleans. revelers will hit the streets of the french quarter. some may still be there from overnight celebrations. several parades with amazing
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floats will make their way through downtown new orleans. many will feature thousands of beads and plenty of costumes. the party will will go on all day and night. tomorrow the christian season of lent will replace of season of mardi gras which ends today. think about what you might be giving up tomorrow. the season of lent. >> mardi gras, ash wednesday can't be far behind. 4:38. ahead, pointing fingers in the death of a young maryland teenager. what the boy's mother is blaming for the accident. a million-dollar dream home about to be reduced to rubble. why the family who owns this house is being ordered to tear it down. grab a jacket before you head out.
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time for weather & traffic on the 1s. good morning early on this tuesday morning, the 21st of february. 4:41 and cold. 33 at reagan national. montgomery, arlington, fairfax, prince george's county, only in the mid 20s. in the low 20s across the rest of much of maryland, virginia, and west virginia. the view from space showing a clear sky, but there are clouds closing in from the west. we'll have sunshine this morning. here's your day planner. sunrise at 6:52. and by mid morning, into the upper 30s. then by noontime, mid 40s and cloudy. a blustery wind, too. and we'll be reaching up around
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the upper 40s to near 50. the evening planner, sunset at 5:52. a cloudy and chilly evening. mid 40s just after sunset. then near 40 by midnight. we'll take a look at a warmup on the way for the rest of the week. we'll look at that and the weekend in ten minutes. danella has traffic. good morning. good morning, traveling the beltway on the outer loop in virginia, have a disabled vehicle but just on the left shoulder lane at telegraph look. we'll look at van dorn, no issues there. if you continue to make your way from van dorn crossing the wilson bridge, nice and smooth trip. 59 miles per hour. only taking seven minutes to get over the wilson bridge. now if you continue on the beltway in prince george's county, a live look right now at route 50. no issues, traffic flowing nicely on the inner loop and outer loop. i'll give you a travel speed if this is your commute. making your way from 50 heading on the outer loop, 64 miles per hour. that trip only taking you nine minutes. i'm back in ten with another look at traffic. back to you. >> thank you. 4:42.
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38 degrees. still to come, replacing a fixture around the national mall. the plan to help get tourists around town now that the tour mobile is history. hurry, i got fire in my house! i have stairs that's on fire! help me! >> frantic calls for help as a fire sweeps through an area home. ♪ [ female announcer ] there's no right way
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welcome back. jury selection has started in a hate crime trial against a former rutgers university student charged in connection with the death of his roommate. 19-year-old daroon ravi is accused of using a westminster abbey cam to spy -- a web cam to spy on his roommate. the case sparked conversations it the impact of bullying on young people. ravi is not charged with the death but faces charges of bias,
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intimidation, invasion of privacy, and tampering with evidence and a witness. in the day ahead, a former los angeles area teacher accused of abusing students will be in court. police arrested mark burnt on january 30. he faces 23 felony charges of lewd acts against children. he's accused of photographing those episodes with children at the miramonte elementary school where he taught for more than 30 years before he wa fired. the 61-year-old faces life in prison if con vukted. -- convicted. today north korea's envoy arrived in beijing to meet with the u.s. envoy on thursday. the talks will focus on some sort of swap. the united states and other country will offer aid in exchange for north korea agreeing to abandon its nuclear program. north korea walked away from the last round of six-party talks in 2009. a congressman from michigan says the united states left an opening for al qaeda to recruit
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members in syria. according to "usa today," the house intelligence committee chairman mike rogers says the u.s. troop withdrawal from iraq is hurting our efforts to stop al qaeda. the u.s. government says this are signs that al qaeda may be behind some of the growing violence in syria. rebels are attempting to overthrow president bashar assad. a christchurch, new zealand, is slowly making a rover a year after a -- a recovery a year after a 6.3 earthquake devastated the city, killing 184 people. it also destroyed homes and buildings. despite the devastation, the head of the earthquake recovery effort says there's a sense of optimism. the city is building a new stadium and a new central business district is in the works. many of the residents are back at work for the first time in months. a maryland family blames the controversial alcoholic beverage for their son's death. a car hit and killed 13-year-old michael turlock after he fell out of another car while trying
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to throw up. the accident happened on saturday in parkville, maryland, north of baltimore. family members claim he got sick after drinking the energy drink four loco. several states have banned the caffeinated version of the drink in 2010. and they've pulled it off of store shelves. investigators say they don't know yet whether turlock drank the caffeinated or decaffeinated form. this morning we're hearing the frantic 911 call that helped save a prince george's county man. >> prince george's county 911. >> hurry -- i got fire in my house. i've got an invalid and stairs that's on fire. help me! >> that's the call donna musser made as flames roared through her temple hills home on sunday. her husband, jim, is confined to a wheelchair. he was trapped on the second floor. their son chris and two neighbors ran into the home to rescue him. chris and jim musser were treated for smoke inhalation. they are expected to be fine. donna musser was not hurt. the fire caused $55,000 in
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damages. the cause is under investigation. today anacostia high school in southeast washington will reopen for classes. inspectors determined the school is safe for students and staff to return after a fire damaged part of the building. crews spent the weekend cleaning the mess and repairing the damage. the fire broke out on the school's roof on friday. a long-time d.c. developer is giving a major donation to restore the national mall. the nonprofit trust for the national mall says the family foundation gave a gift of $1 million. john chip acrage is founder and chairman of the foundation. he's been fundraising to support the national mall since 2001. the family foundation set a goal to raise $350 million. parts of the mall have become rundown from overuse and inadequate funding for maintenance. the trust for the national mall says this is the first million-dollar gift for restoration. the national mall also has a
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new tour bus service just in time for the national cherry blossom festival. the national parks service says the new express bus will start operating march 12. that is one week before the cherry blossom festival actually begins. the express bus will run a loop from the union station to the world war ii and lincoln memorials, then head toward arlington national cemetery, pass the martin luther king memorial, and head toward the smithsonian metro station. the change comes after tour mobiles stopped operating last fall after 42 years. a couple in michigan will have to tear down all or part of their million-dollar mansion because it's built too close to their neighbor's property line. the 9,000 square-foot home has a basketball and tennis court and an elevator. a neighbor filed the lawsuit in 2004 because the mansion sits 80 feet from their home instead of the required 100 feet. the homeowner says the house was build to accommodate the special needs of one of the couple's six
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children. a boy with cerebral palsy. neighbors say the homeowners should have considered the property lines before starting construction. ouch. >> that's true, they should have, but -- >> but how do you tear down part of a million-dollar mansion? >> you don't. you tear down the whole thing. wow. >> sad. yeah. >> tough for the neighbors to co-exist in the future, i would think. >> exactly. someone's maybe having to move is what i'm thinking. 4:51. another look at the forecast. chilly but warming up soon. >> it will, but it is still february and still feeling wintry, cold this morning. right now around the region, temperatures are well below freezing. there's the washington monument. is it shivering? looks like maybe the monument's actually shivering this morning. it's 33 at reagan national. and we do have a calm wind, thankfully. and temperatures are down into the low 20s across much of northern virginia, as well as maryland and west virginia and
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closer to washington, the mid 20s in fairfax county and in prince george's and montgomery, and the district of columbia near or below freezing, near the bay. it's in the upper 20s, just near 30 as is much of southern maryland, northern neck, eastern shore. farther west, panhandle of west virginia, much of shenandoah valley into western maryland, there's clouds closing in. in the low 20s there. we do have a warm front that's going to begin to move our way here later today. it will begin to move in clouds. we'll have sunshine this morning. sunrise at 6:52. by noontime, going partly sunny, then cloudy during the afternoon looks like, with a bit of a blustery southwesterly wind. we'll make it up to around 50 degrees by mid-afternoon. then this evening, mid 40s early evening and cloudy. the sunset today at 5:52, getting later and later. and the sunset by the spring equinox which is on march 20, less than 30 days away, at 7:21. increasing daylight.
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we go to daylight saving time on march 11. the cherry blossoms and then it's summer, and -- no, we're still in february. let's think about that. it's going to feel like spring, though, tomorrow and on thursday, into the low to mid 60s. then friday, some showers with gusty winds, low 60s. maybe even springtime-like thunderstorms on friday. and then the weekend reminding us, yes, it's still february. getting chilly with sunshine back. danella, how's traffic? all this talk of spring makes me happy. for now, i guess we're not there. i can tell you i'm checking the roads. and they look really good. there is something to smile about after all. i-270 southbound, 64 miles per hour as you head south in germantown. heading into rockville, you're at 69 miles per hour. not seeing any issues for you. in fact, as you make your way and connect to the beltway, here's a live look now at i-270 and the beltway. i can tell you as you're traveling on the inner loop, looks really good, a good travel speed. 56 miles per hour. only taking ten minutes to get from the spur and making your
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way on to i-95. back to you both. >> thanks. at a time when the capitals need to be making a playoff push, their road woes are catching up with them. the caps lost their second straight on the road last night. a 5-0 shutout against the carolina hurricanes. the goalie was pulled from the game after giving up two goals in just the first five minutes of the game. the backup couldn't keep up with -- couldn't keep the hurricanes from scoring three more. the caps have lost now ten of their last 14 games. they end their roadtrip mercifully in ottawa tomorrow. and the result wasn't any better for the wizards in their last road game before heading home. they fell to the phoenix suns 104-88. the wizards led at the beginning of the third quarter but let the suns go on a 31-6 run which put the game well out of hand. the wizards have not beaten the suns since 2006.
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they return home to play the sacramento kings tomorrow night. have you been keeping your new year's resolutions? >> no. >> it's almost two months since january 1, when many of us set those goals to lose weight, save money, exercise more, make other lifestyle changes. if you feel like your civil control is fading -- self-control is fading, you are not alone. a report found that a lack of willpower, lack of willpower, joe -- >> tell me about it. >> is the top reason people fall short of their goals. researchers suggest just like with physical exercise, avoid taking on too much at once. try focusing on one goal and strengthen your willpower, then take on more goals over time. it may be a failure, but i've got company. >> like right here. >> man, oh, man. sorry you reminded me of that. 4:55. coming up, make sure you're protected when you rent a car. the steps one rental agency is taking to make sure the vehicle you rent is safe. giving them a reason to drink. what new research is blaming
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no animal byproducts, no animal fat. our chickens are not fed steroids or hormones. it's not gonna happen. [ jim ] we raise our chickens cage-free, and we set our goals higher than anyone. we're trying to make a better chicken. [ jim ] my dad did, my grandfather did, and it's what we do today. welcome back. the nation's second largest rental car company is asking the government to help them keep recalled cars off the road. hertz struck a deal with safety advocates to ask the national transportation safety board for oversight. n tsa has been investigating the car rental industry for more than a year over accusations
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that companies were allowing recalled cars to be rented. enterprise and avis budget, the first and third largest companies respectively, have yet to sign on to that agreement. patients with ovarian cancer and other potentially deadly tumors will soon have access to a critical drug in short supply. the food and drug administration says it's working to replenish the chemotherapy drug doxil. it's been in short supply, and there are no generic versions. the fda is working to import a replacement from india. new research suggests some teen drinking may be rooted in hollywood. researchers at dartmouth university analyzed data on whether 65,000 kids between the ages of 10 and 14 that found that having friends who drank alcohol and owning merchandise like shirt and hats with alcohol brands on them increased the risk for drinking. also teens who watched movies with characters who drank were twice as likely to start drinking as those who didn't watch a lot of


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